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One of our children was undertaking a school project that involved him looking at the environmental impact that single use plastic was having on our oceans.  

He was livid upon discovering that there was a massive “plastic island” in the Pacific (  Billions of plastic bags along with plastic straws, were floating in massive swirls, where they are mistaken by sea life for food, eventually killing sea life.  He wanted to know how we could look at ways to reduce the waste flooding into our precious seas.  

As parents we wanted to help our children understand that they could affect change and that’s how sinfreestraws came to be; this was a small project that we could demonstrate to our children how, as individuals our actions can make a difference. So, two parents decided to self fund a project, importing 2000 bamboo straws into Hong Kong with the aim of trying to reduce single use plastic straws in a number of restaurants and bars across the city.

We went door to door, cold calling on food and beverage venues.  Since then, we've established a few supply chains, and are continuing to expand our efforts world wide.

Unfortunately, we both have day jobs and this is very much being done on the side of our desks or late at night, but we feel it is setting a good example to our children that we can all change and can do our part to help.

In order to ensure that we can meet demand and keep costs low, we bulk order several thousand straws at a time from local villages in Bali, China, Cambodia and Vietnam.  We created an ethical supply chain which gives back directly to the families involved in the bamboo production.

We ultimately would love to help, so Join us.

Is this the planet we want to leave our children and grand children?

A small change, makes a big difference.

No single use plastics.

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Products and Partners


Tessa Polder and her organization provide WTO certified and Eco Friendly straws and bags from small Cambodian villages

Suck on That!


We also source straws thru 2 suppliers in Bali. They are small villages, with limited outputs, but there is no middle-man. We are community focused.


Our Vietnamese partner is key for large laser etched orders. While not as locally focused as Cambodia or Bali, they have the tools and machines to create beautiful straws and meet large orders

But how much??

Our most asked question. Sadly everything does have a price at which it's viable. We commit to be the lowest priced bamboo straw provider worldwide.

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